Elizabette Remon actually started out as a team of two best friends doing one of the many things they enjoy doing together – creating and writing.  Elizabeth and Jeanette, aka Elizabette, are both native Texans and have been friends for more years than they’re willing to admit.  Alas, circumstances changed, as they sometimes do, and Elizabeth is now carrying on the mantle herself.

Elizabeth is a lover of mystery, paranormal and romance of all kinds. Her passions are laughing, reading, writing, singing, 80’s music, travel, family and romantic comedies – not necessarily in that order.  Between her family and life’s necessities, she gets her creative writing juices flowing bringing her experiences and over-active imagination to life, creating worlds of passion and fantasy.

Her biggest personal fantasy is to find and fall into that Hot Tub Time Machine which would throw her back into the 1980’s where she would devote her life to being an avid groupie of Steve Perry, Jon Bon Jovi, Sammy Hagar and Eddy Van Halen – preferably in that order.

Jeanette cares for family and friends and loves traveling and experiencing life to the fullest, which provides great opportunities to expand on her creative imagination. She fell in love with reading romance novels when she was a teenager.  It was her dream to write her own.  Her motto is ‘I live reality.  I want to write fantasy.’  Even though she no longer takes part in the writing process itself, she still contributes in her own special ways.

Most importantly, they are avid believers in the HEA – Happily Ever After – filled with fun and feisty heroines and alluring muscled men, cowboys, pirates, highlanders, vampires, werewolves, or anatomically correct aliens, draped in leather, denim, kilts or nothing at all.  Elizabeth’s goals in writing are to take you away to another world, place or time – an alternate reality where she hopes you will discover love, desire, laughter, excitement and maybe an occasional tear.  Come join her and escape…