August 2016

We’ve hit over 200 in sales!

Okay, so it’s not such a big number, but it’s exciting to us for only a couple of days being published on one site.  I’m not counting Amazon.  That place is like a sink hole and very user unfriendly for authors to navigate.  They’re also very limited in everything.  I’m now checking into videos and publishing on Inde sites.  Stay tuned…

August 2016

Want to be a Beta Reader?

Drop us a note if you’d like to become a beta reader and get your hands on a copy of our books before they are published.  We’re always looking for our readers input and suggestions.  Of course, we can’t do this for everyone, so please let us know early on if you’d like to join the team.  Thanks.

August 2016

Yeah! We’re Authors!

Hey everyone! 

Officially as of 9 pm last night, Jeanette and I are now published authors through HEA Scribe, LLC publishing company.  Our first two novels have sold over 65 copies in less than twelve hours (not all of the them are the freebies).  And we’re not even up and running on Amazon yet.  We couldn’t be more thrilled.

Please download our first book, Love’s Betrayal, and leave us a review.  It’s FREE, but it does contain adult content, so no one under 18, please.  If you like it, go on the next in the series, Timeless Love.  The third installment is set to be out in January, but I think it might make a sooner debut.  We’re also beginning work on a couple of other series, so keep an eye out, and Spanish versions will be available in just a few weeks.  Please pass this on to all your friends and relatives that like to read. 

Book One – Love’s Betrayal – 

Book Two -Timeless Love –

These novels are about 100,000 words each and the first two books in a series of paranormal romance novels, following the Freyodin Warriors and the mortals that love them.  If you’re looking for stories that contains love, lust, epic battles, fierce warriors and the enemies who taunt them, you’ve found the right read!  These books can be read standalone or in the series order.  No cliffhangers and every book contains a guaranteed HEA!

 One more thing that I have to get out there –