The Freyodin Warriors SeriesValknot

Love’s BetrayalBook One 3

Betrayed by her first love…

Danielle is one tough female and vows only to believe in herself and her dedication to protect mortals. In her past, she has several strikes against her and has had to prove herself time and again.  One, her lineage as the daughter of a Goddess who cares nothing for her.  Two, the painful betrayal of a male she was sacredly pledged to.  And three, just the fact that she’s female and considered weak.  Even though times have changed, she still harbors the insecurities secretly deep within and strives to maintain the respect she is due as a member of the Freyodin Warriors.

Aaron is an archeologist searching for a mythical relic. In the process, he blunders upon an ancient chain that causes problems he wasn’t expecting and may change the course of his lifelong dreams and aspirations.  Maybe even against his will – if he can survive.

The unexpected connection between them is filled with inexplicable attraction, danger and adventure. They learn truths of their past that neither one is prepared for and face a possible future neither one may want.  Can they overcome their differences, secrets and pasts, and work together to find a solution they both can live through?

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Timeless LoveBook Two 4

Immortality is never ending and unforgiving when you’re all alone…

Vex is a Freyodin Warrior sworn to protect mortals from the evils of the world. He’s bitter and angry since he lost his love several years ago, but pushes through to do the job he pledged to do when he became immortal.  With his deadly daggers, he duals out punishment as fierce as the pain that slices his own heart.

Rebecca is a linguist at the nearby university working on translating an ancient scroll and solving a riddle that could change the course of history as well as the future as we know it. She stumbles into trouble that requires someone rescue and protect her.  Hiding her away from the danger that seeks to destroy her.  And she is Vex’s lost love.  Lost because of her humanity.

It’s an assignment he doesn’t want, but can’t trust to anyone else. Will Vex be able to save her from their enemies and from himself or will she be lost to him once again?

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Bound Love Book 2.5

A Freyodin Warriors Christmas Novella featuring Turbo.

What’s a girl to do when she’s attack? Why, let a fierce Warrior save her, of

Mia was always in control until one fateful night. She feels lost and confused, not to mention pissed off when she received some unwanted attention at her department Christmas party. It was supposed to be the one night of fun she had before facing the long winter holiday break all alone.

Turbo, a Freyodin Warrior, chosen by the Gods for his extraordinary honor, bravery and supreme sacrifice, is just out for a bit of fun and relaxation at a private club. He’s restless and has a need to fill but can’t quite find the solution to ending the emptiness that plagues him.

A terrifying scream causes their paths to come crashing into one another. A night of unexpected passion proves that there just might be some hope for each of them after all and new Christmas memories to share. Maybe they just might save each other.

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Healing Love

She may be meek, but she’s certainly not mild…especially when it comes to love…

Emeline is a healer to the Freyodin Warriors. A title she’s proud to carry and a job she’s equally honored to fulfill.  She utilities dried herbs, potions and even has a healing touch that serves her well.  But she’s not very outgoing and has no love life to speak of.  In fact, she’s too quiet, extremely shy and has been virtually celibate since the loss of her husband and children during the invasion of a neighboring clan long, long ago – when she was not so immortal as she is now – and can make for a very long and lonely existence.

William is a surgeon searching for a cure to a disease that has yet to be named. His fellow medical constituents have given up trying to diagnose his illness and have advised him to make the best out of the remainder of his life, which will be brief.  The last thing he needs is to begin a relationship that can’t go anywhere, but his attraction to Emeline is undeniable.

Although frowned upon, Emeline is willing to tempt fate in order to help William. It doesn’t matter to her that he is a mere mortal.  But will Emeline be able to heal William, or at least alleviate his pain and suffering, offering him a peaceful passing from this life?


Available July 2018.  Spanish version coming soon.

A new Christmas compilation will be released in October 2018.

Another new series coming your way soon – DID, Inc. aka Damsels in Distress

Also look for Cupid, Inc.

And even a children’s book yet untitled.