Holy Crap…It’s Been A Whole Year

I bet all of you thought I was dead or something.  I did seem to just fall of the face of the earth for quite a while.  Well, Hurricane Harvey tried his best, but me the family are all doing great.  We lost all our cars, our home and just about everything we owned in the flood, but it was just stuff and replaceable – thanks to the insurance I was lucky enough to have.  Anyway, the good news?  I’M BACK!!!!

Yes, that well awaited third installment of the Freyodin Warriors, Healing Love, (that’s been ready to publish for a year) is now going out this month.  Check out the video on YouTube and check back often for updates.  Anyone responding with encouraging words on my blog will receive a FREE copy.  Cuz yeah, I’m like that.  You’re welcome.  LOL.  All I ask in return is that you leave me an honest review on your favorite retailer’s site and/or spread the word on Goodreads.

I just want to thank you all for returning to me, being loyal in my absence.  I’d also like to announce that I’m getting a PA.  Yea!!!  My wonderful, talented and very computer literate daughter, Nikki, will now be helping me out with all the marketing and so forth, so that I can concentrate on the important stuff – writing and communicating with you guys.  Thanks to everyone for sticking with me and don’t forget to leave a note on my blog for your free copy of Healing Love.  Talk soon.



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