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Thanks to all of my wonderful readers.  Here are some of the great things they’ve had to say.

I absolutely love them (the books).  I can picture everything like I am there and the characters are just awesome.  The books and covers are wonderful. – Denise M.

Danielle was witty and strong valkyrie and Aaron, yummy, who can’t love a sexy archeologist? The relationship was fire from the start. Also, really enjoyed the other warriors…FUN!! Can’t wait to read the next book. – Jayro20519

I love this book and the characters it kept me interested. Great new series going to get book 2. – AC

I just finished reading “Love’s Betrayal”.  What a great first book.  I Loved it.  It was definitely a book I would’ve chosen to read even if I didn’t know the authors.  I loved that the women warriors are strong and feminine.  I liked that you put a lot of thought and historical references in it.  It was fun to read.  I downloaded the second book and can’t wait to start reading that one.  Looking forward to the video(s) and share them with my friends.  Congrats to the both of you! – L Richards

OMG….I loved this book!!! Just finished it and am immediately purchasing the next in the series and excitedly awaiting the 3rd….. I can see another addiction for me and it is Freyodin Warriors. Bring it on ladies! – J Sevens

My new addiction…Freyodin Warriors!! – M. Seaman

Read #2 today… loved it just as much and can’t wait for more. – M. Seaman

Excellent storyline and the characters were well conceived and highly complex.  Truly enjoyed the Scandinavian myth and lore the was included.  A very exciting and easy read.  I’ve already downloaded the second book in the series “Timeless Love” and I’m really looking forward to seeing the how the author brings Vex’s story to life.  I definitely recommend this book.  You won’t be disappointed. – igilmore99 on All Romance eBooks

Hi I just wanted to say you guys are amazing authors I just finished this book, and can’t wait to get a hold of the second one . I’m glad it’s Vex who is the next to go his tragic loss really touched my heart. Thank you ladies I appreciate your imagination and talent. – Sincerely, Anna H.


Your feedback is the lifeblood of my books.  Tell me what’s on your mind, good or bad.  What you liked or didn’t like or what you’d like to see more of.  Who your favorite characters are and why.  What you’d like me to write about whether it’s a story line or characters you’d like me to expand on.

I do my best to respond to all readers feedback and look forward to hearing from you!